With Coverage Area : 

  • Standart Disign & Development ; (Driving Standard/Road Safe Standard/Journey Management/Houling Road)
  • Road Hazards Assassement
  • Speed Limit Assassement
  • Road Trafic Accident Investigation
  • Vehicle Assassement OGP Version
  • Heavy Equipment Assassement
  • Driver Selection & Fitness
  • Vehicles Fitness/Vehicles Selection
  • Driving Champion Assignment
  • Road Safety Champaign (CSR activity)


We are dedicated to provide the best driver and motorcycle training possible.

What we teach in the classroom is what its founder has developed over 26 years experience in driving & motorcycle training and combining whit many approved standar (Australian Qualification Frame Work, RTO, OPITO, OGP Land Transportation Safety Practice, Smith System)

Our course are receiving rave riview from many multinational organization. 

  • ATV Defensive Riding Training
  • Motorcycle Devensive Riding Training
  • Light Vehicle Divensive Driving Training (Urban Driving)     
  • 4WD Devensive Driving Training
  • Light/Medium Truck/Bus Dedefensive driving Training
  • Tractor and Trailer Defensive Training 
  • Forklift Safe opration Training
  • Road Trafic Accident Investigation Training
  • Road Safety Seminar/Workshop

Road Safety Info